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Deck8 takes data protection seriously. General usage of this site can be done without supplying any personal data. However, if you wish to take advantage of any service then the processing of data becomes neccessary. This data is shared with a few select partners as detailed below purely for functional purposes.

Any personal information supplied to Deck8 is solely in line with what is required for service provision.

Deck8 does not pass your information onto any marketing or advertising company.

Deck8 offers a opt in mailing list on creation of account along with ability to opt in and out as required via your client area. This list is used solely for notification of products and services offered directly by ourselves or our partners. Separately to this you may receive non-marketing emails from us regarding your account, these emails will be limited to what is required in providing your service such as notifications of service creation / suspension and termination, billing and technical notifications.

Deck8 is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.


Your data may be shared with partners listed below, this is purely for functional purposes and only shared if required. Any of our partners not listed below do not receive any of your personal information.

  • CSL Registrar

    CSL registrar are out chosen partner for all domain name registrations. Your name, address, email and phone number are provided in line with ICANN requirements. This data may also be published in the domain "whois" in full or part depending on top level domain policy. We provide further privacy features on all domains to avoid this information being published. Please note, providing invalid contact details for any domain name is a breach of ICANN policy and will result in suspension or termination of your domain without refund.

  • GoCardless

    GoCardless provides billing services for users wishing to pay by direct debit or BACS. Your bank details are stored securely with GoCardless along with your name, address and phone number on commencement of setting up direct debit billing.

  • Stripe

    Stripe provides billing services for any debit / credit card transactions. Your card details can optionally be saved securely with Deck8 for automated billing and will be passed to Stripe along with your name, address and phone number for any debit / credit card transactions. Any one time purchases where you choose not to save card details are removed once sent for processing with Stripe.

  • PayPal

    PayPal provides various billing services for their members. All PayPal transactions are handled solely by PayPal and any extra information given in processing such transactions for example credit / debit cards and bank details are stored solely with PayPal.

  • Fraudlabs Pro

    Fraudlabs Pro provide anti-fraud solutions for online businesses. All new orders are checked with them for the purpose of fraud prevention. Please see their privacy policy for further details on information they process.


All shared hosting and managed VPS services are supplied with Plesk control panel for easy management of your services. Plesk also allows for installation of applications on your website some of which being commercial options. These transactions are made with relevant service provider, Deck8 are not part of this process and this Privacy Policy would not cover such transactions.

Custom Solutions

Deck8 also provide web development and management solutions, these may include commercial offerings from other partners, where feasible Deck8 will act as a proxy on your behalf. Any areas where this is not feasible, payment providers for example, we will advise you what personal information is required to be shared with that partner prior to passing this on.

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